Guest Testimonials

Osmond Brothers

“You’ve got to go fishing at Queen Charlotte Safaris Lodge! Awesome experience!”

Merrill Osmond, lead singer for The Osmond Brothers Band (second from left). We loved having you Merrill & Justin Osmond, Mike & Courtney Ferguson!

Marsha Petrie Su


“Let’s go fishing” is a commonly heard in our home and our favorite destination is Sand Spit, Canada. Queen Charlotte Safaris, owned and hosted by the amazing Valerie Hoperich, is the best place to fish and relax. Her staff and guides are top grade, providing an amazing fishing experience catching Salmon, Rock Fish, Ling Cod, Halibut and more. The fishing guides at QCS know exactly where the fish are running. In addition, we always have our camera ready to snap pictures of black bear, deer, whales, sunfish, bald eagles and other wildlife. The boats are comfortable and have heated cabins, plus an on board private head (bathroom)! The lunches and beverages they prepare to your request are delicious.
The lodge provides a very cozy, comfortable and very clean place to relax but truly the best part is the amazing meals provided by a terrific Chef. The outside patio is a great place to put your feet up and enjoy the gorgeous shore front, watching the native birds flying through the fresh air! And feeding the bald eagles was a very special treat. They perch and nest in the pines surrounding the lodge.

There is so much more! We have been back to fish with Valerie and her crew several times, and are planning our next trip to this beautiful part of the world.

Marsha Petrie Sue, AZ
Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Best Selling Author

Kevin Howell & Family


Last June my sons, son-in-law and six year old grandson and I went to Queen Charlotte Safaris Lodge. When we arrived in Sandspit, we were greeted at the airport by very friendly staff. Fishing was amazing and in between catching fish, we were able to watch humpback whales. We were presented with an amazing meal each night and the lodge was immaculate and very well-kept. Tate (my six-year-old grandson) had a ball and was treated like royalty. I would like to thank all of the staff at Queen Charlotte Safaris Lodge for making this a trip of a lifetime!

Kevin Howell & Family

Danny Jackson

At FOX Sports Television, Queen Charlotte Safaris is by far our favorite destination. The majestic, breathtaking beauty of Haida Gwaii combined with the abundance of Chinook “King” Salmon and unparalleled bottom fishing strengthens our desire to return year after year.

Professional, courteous staff and sumptuous, five star-dining is always part of the Queen Charlotte Safaris experience. Be sure to pack your need to unwind

Danny Jackson, Producer
FOX Sports West Television
Angler Chronicles

Mike Lee


This lodge is truly at hidden gem up in Haida Gwaii! The staff and guides were amazing and made us feel right at home. The boat ride thru the Skidegate Channel offered spectacular views on the way to the fishing grounds. The boats are well equipped and the guides were very knowledgeable of the area. The fishing was amazing! We caught everything from Salmon, Halibut, Ling cod and Rock Cod! My biggest was a 32 pound Chinook caught right at the wall. It was nice after a long day fishing to return to the lodge for a great dinner. I can’t wait to go back next year.

Mike Lee
New Westminster, Canada

Mic Kelly

When Queen Charlotte Safaris moved to its present lodge, we fished with Q.C.S. three consecutive years and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the fishing, the food, the lodge and the camaraderie. We have sinced fished Ketchikan (5 years), Prince Rupert (4 years), and the Kenai River ( 1 yr) and have now returned to Queen Charlotte Safaris for the best fishing experience we have ever had.

This year we added our 27 year old grandson to our son and myself for another great time fishing. The lodge is better than ever, the new boats allowed us to arrive at the fishing grounds at the best time in the morning and the experience is even better than before. The food was outstanding and the entire trip was the best ever, with everlasting memories for a lifetime.

Mic Kelly

Dan Kelly

My dad and I have been fishing the North Pacific ocean for the past 15 years. We found Queen Charlotte Safaris due to my brother-in-law traveling there on a fishing trip with his father. The next year we booked a fishing trip Q.C.S. taking with us 3 fathers and sons. From the moment we arrived at the airport the trip was filled with laughter and great memories. At the lodge the food was one of our favorite parts, obviously we were there for the fishing. From the staff of the lodge to the captains of the fishing fleet you can’t miss having a great time. We have fished the beautiful waters of Mexico and way up to the North, Alaska, Sandspit and its fisheries is a beautiful area. It is a hidden jewel on this earth. I mean by this, the fishing area does not see a lot of over-fishing. We have experience less and less amount of fish going home with us over the past 10 years, so we booked QCS again. We caught more fish and were pleasantly surprised by of all the changes to improve our experience, with the addition of Valarie’s dad (Dave from Idaho always added a warm welcome to the lodge.) Dave made the coffee for everyone in the morning before breakfast and saw all of us off to go fishing. He told me that he loved everyday in Sandspit and spending time with all of us guests. Dave made the lodge feel like home. His stories are truly amazing and having dinner with Dave made it even more special. The Kelly Family highly recommends fishing and staying at Queen Charlotte Safaris Lodge. It is a great experience for the most hardcore fisherman or a novice for the first time. Thank you Valerie and your dad Dave for allowing three generations of the Kelly family to stay and fish one of Canada’s hidden secrets.

Dan Kelly
Danville, CA

Stu Holmes

If you are looking for a world class fishing adventure, I recommend, and without hesitation or reservation, Queen Charlotte Safaris. QCS is a family oriented lodge located in the Haidi Gwaii (the Former Queen Charlotte Islands), British Columbia.

I have fished many other lodges in Canada and Alaska, and QCS, bar none, remains at the top of my list. I just completed my fifteenth year fishing in Cartright Sound as a QCS guest. Valerie and her staff will stop at nothing to make your stay at QCS the memory of a lifetime. Valerie can control everything except the weather and the fishing, and as to the latter, the fish are always there. Even when the weather (read wind) is tough, the guides can put you into wind sheltered inlets. You will catch fish.”

Stu Holmes, Claremont, CA.

Art Pearce & Donna Lenherr Kinney

“Queen Charlotte Safaris is a special place; from the incredible fishing, to the cozy and welcoming feel of the lodge serving delicious meals, to meeting new people. Located on the Queen Charlotte Islands: an unbelievable adventure in itself!

The overall experience is so powerful that it has brought us back 10 years (Art) and 6 years (Donna – started later)!”

Art Pearce and Donna Lenherr Kinney

Bruce Leavitt

Year after year we choose to return to Queen Charlotte Safaris because of the success we have each and every year. Valerie and her staff are so much a part of our wonderful outdoor experience that they seem like family to us. It feels like a family reunion for us each time we return. The accommodations are excellent and the food, without question, is fit for a “King”. I have been fishing the West Coast of British Columbia for many years and know that the areas we fish with Queen Charlotte Safaris are among the most beautiful and productive anywhere on the West Coast. We are treated to the thrilling catch of Tyee Salmon, Coho Salmon, Cod, Snapper, and Halibut. Their boats are well maintained and captained by very helpful, knowledgeable and experienced West Coast Fishermen with excellent tackle for landing the big one! I would recommend Queen Charlotte Safaris to any fisherman, from the beginner to the most seasoned angler. Good Luck and may all your lines be tight lines.

Bruce W Leavitt, Burnaby, BC

Hanne Mintze

Three fishing vacations at Valerie’s Queen Charlotte Safaris have convinced me that EVERYONE should experience this first-class lodge at least once. Valerie is hospitable, organized and smart. The lodge is run like a family resort – warm, friendly and welcoming. Staff is superb; rooms are cabin-like and comfortable. The food is prepared by graduate chefs making each meal an adventure. And you can’t beat the company of bald eagles perched in the trees outside the lodge. Fishing boats are first rate with skilled skippers, first class tackle and personal attention and who can argue with return baggage of 150 lbs of gorgeous salmon, halibut, cod and snapper? Valerie is the best!

Hanne Mintz, Los Angeles, CA.

Joyce & Dennis Smith

For our wedding anniversary, Dennis and I were going to go to Hawaii until we were talking to Valerie in Las Vegas at her booth for QCS. Her excitement about the fishing safari won us over…we dropped our plans for Hawaii…and we are so glad we did. The experience fishing with QCS was amazing. Valerie and her Director of Sales & Marketing, Sharyl ensured our trip was the best ever, making sure every accommodation was perfect, and it was. In fact, we got to fish with Sharyl and her fiancee Dan…Sharyl and I are now known for the ‘Fish Dance’. Additionally, the staff at QCS are professional and friendly…couldn’t have had it any better. We highly recommend everyone to experience fishing with QCS…we will definitely do it again. Thank you Valerie, we love you!

Joyce and Dennis Smith. Simi Valley, California USA.


Our team is professional, sincere, friendly and will provide you with personal service that will be unsurpassed anywhere. All of us at Queen Charlotte Safaris are 100% committed to your fishing success!

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