British Columbia Fishing

The unique quality of the Haida Gwaii is that it offers the best of both worlds; the consistent salmon runs and abundance that can only be found on the edge of the Cartwright Sound and the opportunity to fish in the constant protection of our sheltering Islands. The Cartwright Sound, on the west-facing side of Graham Island, is famous for its nutrient rich water and abundance of bait which acts as a magnet to King Salmon. Salmon begin to migrate down from the Bering Sea in March and arrive by April on the Westcoast of Haida Gwaii. They continue to migrate throughout the summer as wave-upon-wave of salmon spend time feeding in the rich waters of Cartwright Sound. There is no better Chinook Salmon fishing anywhere on the globe than the Queen Charlotte Islands, and the same thing holds true for fantastic bottom fishing. You are invited to discover one of the few remaining uncrowded, unspoiled regions of the world. The Cartwright Sound –one of the fishiest regions in the World!

World-Class Salmon Fishing

Chinook Salmon begin to migrate down from the Gulf of Alaska in March and arrive by April on the west coast of Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) and continue to migrate throughout the summer. Almost all major runs of salmon from the Skeena, Fraser, and Columbia River systems on the west coast of Vancouver Island must pass by these islands during their migration, and consequently pass into the fishing grounds. The result is virtually no down time in between runs as wave-upon-wave of salmon spends time feeding the rich waters of the Cartwright Sound. For those salmon which may be returning to spawn, they must navigate past the islands in order to get back to their rivers and streams of origin from Northern British Columbia and Vancouver Island to Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.

Combination Fishing for Halibut, Rockfish, and Salmon

Our combination fishing in the Cartwright Sound is legendary for salmon and many other species of fish. Along the calm waters of our coastline are numerous pinnacles and reefs; these areas provide the perfect habitat for halibut, ling cod, yellow eye, and bottom fish. Halibut is a member of the flounder family, and is characteristically the Pacific’s largest flatfish. This highly regarded food fish can be food in the entire Pacific basin, from Canada, to Russia, to Japan. While the U.S. has allocated fishing quotas, the same is not true in Canadian waters where populations remain healthy. No time is better than another as our peak fishing action is steady and consistent from May through September. Take advantage of the opportunity to fish with a local professional guide who knows the waters and is 100% committed to your fishing success.

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