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What Makes Deep Sea Fishing in Haida Gwaii Special

Haida Gwaii sits off the northwest coast of British Columbia. The ‘Misty Isles’ is a remote archipelago, home to the Haida First Nations, and features stunning mountains, rainforests, and water bodies. You can catch salmon and bottom fish such as Pacific halibut, lingcod, and various species of rockfish in the network of fjords, inlets, channels, and rivers, but deep-sea fishing is where you want to be. So, apart from the enchanting inland features, what makes deep sea fishing in Haida Gwaii special? Five Reasons Why deep sea fishing in Haida Gwaii is special Location You’ll struggle to find a fishing spot that is as abundant in deep sea fish as Haida Gwaii. It sits close to the continental shelf. Cartwright Sound is the only area in Haida Gwaii that provides great fishing opportunity, yet still has a number of areas that offer protection from the Pacific winds. Because of that, ...

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“Queen Charlotte Safaris is by far our favorite destination. The majestic, breathtaking beauty of Haida Gwaii combined with the abundance of Chinook “King” Salmon and unparalleled bottom fishing strengthens our desire to return year after year. Professional, courteous staff and sumptuous, five star-dining is always part of the Queen Charlotte Safaris experience."

Pacific Halibut Fishing In Canada Is Unique

Searching for a truly unique fishing experience? Don’t overlook the opportunities of Pacific halibut fishing at British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii area. Halibut is part of the flounder family, the largest flatfish in the Pacific. Pacific halibut fishing is one of the most exciting adventures for any angler, and it doesn’t take years of experience to appreciate. The Pacific halibut is truly a whopper, weighing up to 200 pounds and more than eight feet long. The best table-fair halibut is under 100 pounds. That’s almost twice the size of the legendary Chinook salmon, which runs just shy of six feet long. Canada is known for its outstanding salmon runs – but record Pacific halibut catches also take place here every year. British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii archipelago is a truly unique halibut habitat. If you’ve heard big things about Alaska halibut fishing, you simply can’t miss the chance to see what Haida ...

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What Makes A Unique Salmon Fishing Resort?

Just like the prizes they seek, the most dedicated anglers migrate all over the world in search of the best salmon fishing. Increasingly, that has meant going to the ends of the Earth – the last unspoiled places – looking for a unique salmon fishing resort that lives up to the name. For many anglers, that ideal land is somewhere pristine and quiet, where crowds of people never outnumber schools of fish no matter the time of year. British Columbia, Canada, may not seem like the most exotic place on the top salmon fishing list. Take a second look, though, and you’ll see ours is truly the last frontier for salmon fishing. And at Queen Charlotte Safaris, we think we have a pretty good claim as a truly unique salmon fishing resort. Let’s take a closer look. The World’s Best Chinook Salmon Fishing A unique salmon fishing resort should have unique ...

An Important Update Regarding Coronavirus

Dear Family of Friends, None of us could predict our current situation and it is difficult to predict the next few weeks or even the month ahead of us. For the time being, we remain optimistic and focused on preparing for our 2021 season to open in June. We will keep everyone who has booked for 2021 up to date as more travel information becomes available through our Government and Health Organization announcements. For those who have not booked for summer 2021, please feel free to reach out with anticipated travel dates if interested (not collecting money, only date reservation). Everyone will be ready to get out of their house when travel restrictions are lifted. Please know we are taking every precaution to keep our staff safe as we make our preparations for the 2021 season and we are also working to ensure our environment is safe for all our ...

Not All Salmon Migrations Are Equal

By George Wall- Queen Charlotte Safaris Operations Manager & Shipwright What we know about the habits and deep sea migration of pacific salmon is flawed to say the least. Salmon are relatively easy to study at the beginning and end of their amazing life cycle. It is the 1000 or so days in between that we have the hardest time deciphering. Lucky for us the shifting light for global awareness of this remarkable species. New and continued research by marine biologist on both sides of the 49th parallel are leading us towards some answers.  Chinook Salmon Last November I attended the Sport Fishing Institutes Annual Policy Conference in Vancovuer, B.C. During the sessions of the day I was fortunate enough to hear a talk by Scott Hinch, about just this topic! As an avid fisherman and self appointed life long learner, scientific studies like these are exactly what I love ...

Queen Fishing Report

What separates Queen Charlotte Safaris Lodge from other fishing destinations is the protected, calm waters and the opportunity to catch Chinook “King” Salmon all season long, with zero down time. Every Pacific salmon passing by our fishing grounds feed in our inlets and bays, then move onto their destination. It’s literally a feeding frenzy! The Chinook Salmon that pass by our lodge are “Transitory Salmon”, which makes fishing around Haida Gwaii very unique. We specialize in catching Trophy Chinook Salmon and the additional bonus, our coastline also has numerous pinnacles and reefs; these areas provide the perfect habitat for Pacific Halibut, Lingcod, and several species of Rockfish. Our beautiful, rustic lodge overlooks the gorgeous Shingle Bay in Sandspit. You will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, our friendly staff and their attention to detail. Dinner time is always a highlight for our guests after a long day of fishing. We proudly serve ...
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